Family Photos

Del's family

Del’s family. Seated beside me is Risa, my daughter-in-law. Behind her, my son, Nathan, then my wife, Maude, then my two daughters, Rachel and Rebecca. It was Rebecca’s High School graduation. That’s why she has all the leis.


Del, Becca and Maude.

Becca just graduated in June from Punahou School, same school as Barack Obama graduated from. Michelle Wie was in Becca’s Calculus class. Michelle needs calc to keep track of all the millions she’s making in golf.

Becca is now enrolled at USC. Go Trojans!


3 responses to “Family Photos

  1. You have such a beautiful family 🙂

  2. When the Lord speaks reading what to do when you dont know what to do. Trust God let go, and let God. Faith of a mustard seed to move mountians now reading your sight all connected me to the answers God is trying to show me rely on him.

    In Christ,
    Shelia Rossell

  3. Hi Del,
    I’ve dropped by this site from time to time and am praying things are okay with you. It’s been quite a while since you’ve posted anything new, and I know you were in a terrible accident some time back. May God bless your day, your life, your family and be encouaged to get back to writing for God–He needs people like you doing His work.

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