About Teach me, Dad

dad.jpgMy earliest memory in life was of my Dad doing an act of kindness. We were driving in the country and he saw a cow with its head stuck between the strands of a barbed wire fence. The harder it struggled to get free, the deeper the barbs bit into its neck. Dad parked the truck, climbed down an embankment and set the bawling critter free. I was only two but I remember it vividly.

As husbands and fathers, God has given us the responsibility to teach our family, and to lead them by example in the ways of the Lord.

I don’t know about you but I know I can use some help. Why not add your thoughts to this blog and we can learn from each other!


10 responses to “About Teach me, Dad

  1. wow! amazing and I congratulate you, sir. I wish to add you in my links that others may see how God is really a Father to us all, may I? Im doing my little ways , too, though not too mature.

  2. What an encouragement to find your note, Vince! I’d be glad to have you add me to your links. Thanks so much.

  3. Del,

    I had seen a great movie about Father’s this afternoon, visited my brother in the hospital, sent my ex husband a note, nervously, and came home to start a blog for Kingdom Seekers when I read about the award, and had to come take a look.

    God bless you in the sharing of yourself to others. There are many who will join the body because of it, I’m sure.

  4. Brian Alexander

    Your blog and life is an encouragement. You are already on my links..


  5. Your blog has caught my attention. I will add your blog to my links so i can remember to read it once in a while. I just read through some of your more recent posts and testimony and will read more later. I look forward to reading your ideas and thoughts.

  6. Brian Alexander

    It’s cool that we have all found each other on this huge wordpress blog world with like 470,00 blogs..

  7. Del, check your Live365 private email.


  8. Will you be starting up this blog again? I have found it fantastic. I have really got a lot out of what you have written.

  9. Yeah, I have the same thinking as Sue. I have got a lot out of your posts. How are you doing? Will you be starting up this blog again?

    God bless

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