Nameless people

As you are walking along,” He told them, “you will see a man coming towards you carrying a pot of water. Follow him.” Mark 14:13 

water-carrier.jpgSomeone should write a book on the nameless people in the Bible who played a roll in God’s eternal plan. This guy was one of them. Jesus was giving His disciples instructions for preparing the last supper. “Follow the guy carrying a bucket of water. He’ll lead you to a room where we will dine.”

When the guy got up that morning, he had no idea he would go down in history. It was just another day. Just going about his normal duties. Probably as a servant. A water carrier. Yet, the Son of God saw him, singled him out, and gave him eternal significance.

What if he had neglected his responsibilities that day? “This job sucks! It’s beneath my dignity. Tell the boss he can carry his own water. I’m outta here!”

Hate to admit it but it’s how I might have felt. I don’t want some entry level position. I want a job where people know my name. Look up to me. Where I can climb the ladder of success.

This guy says, “I’ll climb the ladder and clean out the gutters if that’s what the Master wants.”

Jesus took note. Saw his heart. The heart of a servant.

Standing at the bathroom sink this morning, shaving as I’ve done ten thousand times before, I wonder what my day will hold. Will I live life in such a way that God will take note? Single me out? Use me in His great plan? Or not?

What about you?

Carrying water isn’t glamorous. They may not mention your name. But who knows when God might speak to someone in need of direction and say, “Follow the man, follow the woman carrying the pot of water.”


5 responses to “Nameless people

  1. J. Alan Hendricks

    Very Nice post. Really got me thinking.

  2. I love thinking about all the people “behind the scenes” in the Bible! I think that we sometimes forget the 3-D aspect of the gospels…they really happened!! With real people!! I love where it says that if everything that happened had been written down it would be too numerous to fill books (as usual, I’m bad at ‘addresses’.) Perhaps, when we get home, we’ll hear all about it.

  3. I enjoyed your posting today and read too some of what you wrote on Phil’s Vibrance site. Would like to read more when you feel ready to blog again. It’s been almost a year since March 12, 2007.

    Blessings on you and your writing.

  4. Del,
    This is a really good post. Makes me wonder where I would lead someone who’s following me. I also just discovered your blog, and your testimony was so moving. Keep up the good posting, and I’ll be reading.

  5. well, our bathroom sink is always made from stainless steel because they are long lasting ~,.

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