Why do good people suffer?

For God is greater than man. Why should you fight against him just because he does not give account to you of what he does. Job 33: 12,13 (LB)

If God is good, why does he allow innocent people to suffer? We’ve all asked that question or we’ve heard others ask it. And someday, your children will ask you. You need to know what you will say. You need to take time – think it through.

I’ve heard a bazillion sermons on it. Read all the books. And I can tell you the standard answers. I can tell you what the “experts” all say. But none of the answers felt right, at least not for me. So I took time and thought it through for myself.

See, I grew up with a handicap. I’ve known my share of pain, both physical and emotional. Actually, the emotional pain is the worse. You can take a pill and make the physical pain go away but there is no tablet, no capsule that will erase the emotional pain. You just live with it.

And in your pain, it’s hard not to question God. Why are you allowing me to suffer like this? What can I do to take away this pain?  What are you trying to show me? Just tell me what you want and I will do it. But he is silent and we are left with lots of questions and few answers.

So why does a good God allow innocent people to suffer? I finally came up with an answer that works for me. The answer is – I just don’t know. That’s it. I’m clueless. And believe it or not, that’s what I’ve told my kids. “I don’t know.” But it’s okay, I tell them. I don’t need to know everything. As long as he has his reasons, I can live with it.

It is then that faith comes into play. It is then that the Jobs of this world rise up and say, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust him.” I don’t need to understand, I just need to keep trusting him. And I do. I trust him with my life!

Once you can make that statement and mean it from your heart, you realize you no longer need an explanation. You can stop asking, “Why, God?” and start asking, “What, God?” What can I do to serve you better? What can I do to take my unique circumstance and use it to further your kingdom? How can I use what I have been through to help someone else?

Then, you will hear God speak.

Action points:

  1. Do not question God’s dealings in your life. Trust Him. He knows what He is doing.

  2. Do not allow your faith to be shaken when God seemingly is silent.

  3. Ask God how you can use your unique circumstance to help others.


5 responses to “Why do good people suffer?

  1. I need prayer help.
    i am sufferring. lost my job

  2. I read somewhere some time ago that when we understand that God loves us with His whole heart, more than we can ever conceive or hope to understand, then we are able to accept both the “good” and the “bad” (usually as we define it) from His hand with indifference. If it comes from Him then, fine. You’re right. We don’t need to know “why?’

  3. This may have been a couple of years ago, yet when I read your words here, your faith was heart-warming, not many today have such trust in God. But, although faith like that is sooo important, the Bible, God’s Word, does give an answer, if you just look carefully.
    Adam and Eve had perfection, yet they chose to choose their own path, they wanted to be like God, ‘knowing good and bad'(Gen 3:5). It was however, Satan the devil who lied and stated that they would ‘positively not die.’ Together they questioned God’s right to rule, they sought their own glory rather than conform to that one simple act of obedience, not eating from one tree.
    Could then God have left the issue unsolved, or else removed the wrong-doers and started again, his action shows us the answer. The question would still have remained, and now, over thousands of years, it has been proven that man cannot rule himself, that is God’s rightful place.(Jeremiah 10:23)
    But then what will God do about it. Consider how He must feel every time a child dies, it must sadden Him even more so that it does us. Yet in the future, he promises to wipe every tear from our eyes, remove pain, suffering and even death. In fact he promises to reverse death (Acts 24:15, Revelation 21:3,4). He promises, that the righteous will inhabit a paradise earth forever, just as he intended with Adam and Eve, remember his purposed do not change (Malachi 3:6, Psalm 37:11, 29). Further, remember that He cares for you, and God is love (1 John 4:8).

  4. Hogwash. When you have walked a good walk under the commandments and constantly God allows Satan to plague you with hardship, loss,theft and abuse…this is a good thing for you? You question God and he beaks your neck, inreases your sufering….for what!? It teaches you nothing but anger and fear.

    This is my experience thus far. Life on this planet in this body is hell and when you die its just your awareness in the dark.

    No wonder so many people kill themselves.

  5. “What, god” is so right. There are so many manifestations. It is so clear that god in all of its forms is so important and so too is the point of view or perspective. I am my father son and my daughter’s father. From each perspective is the god that is multifaceted truly understood. It is with that clarity I suggest that it is more than even just “What, god?” but also “Which god?”

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